Into Outer Space

So will we go into space or will we nuke ourselves. Then just how horrible will living in space be?

If you have ever seen the 1979 movie Over the Edge you can see the deliterious effect of the lack of any kind of real nature on the human psyche.

The earth itself is a space ship, riding through the galaxy around the sun. But its a gigantic organic space ship, with lots of quiet natural spaces. How would it be living in a completely artificial environmnet?

Wouldn’t a trip to Mars effectively be the most brutal RV ride of all time. Whoever goes on that one will have to be immune to clautraphobia, not like you’ll be able to step out for some fresh air after the long, long journey.

Are we just wasting resources on space? Well no but we are likely wasting a lot on the idea of manned space.

With robotic technology its relatively cheap to mine space, but having humans live there for extended periods of time will effectively prove fatal for those unless tremendous advances are made to effectively build artificial planets.